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There are times when you find a place so good, you get home just long enough to wash your clothes, repack (and work a week), and go straight back.
I’m not sure how to describe how amazing Beulah is to us.

Maybe it’s because everything was so green, and it reminded us of home.

Maybe it’s because the sun was just the right temperature, and felt heavenly on our shoulders.

Maybe it’s because being outdoors just makes us jump with happiness.

Maybe it’s because after stressful workweeks, hiding out in the woods and just being together was what our souls needed.

Maybe it’s because we’ve never seen greens so green, and blues so blue.

Or so many trout they are literally jumping out of the water.

Maybe it’s because wine out of a camelbak tastes better for some reason. (Thank you Jim for carrying it in for us!)

Or maybe the crackle of a camp fire is just warming to the hands and the heart.

Sometimes life’s smallest things have the biggest effect.

And this small town of only 33 had made a big impact on us. Till next summer Beulah!

And for the sake of catching up, here’s an obligatory pic of Husband and I at this year’s Art & Wine Festival. It’s pretty much the only picture I took, and shortly thereafter it came a downpour. However, we got the chance to hang out with some of the new JAGs and met some other military folks. And making new friends is always awesome! Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our trip to the Bighorns National Forest.

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