Back Home and A Trip to The Lake

A few weeks ago we were blessed with opportunity to go back to North Carolina as a WHOLE family. Meaning that after over a year spent overseas, Will finally got to visit family and our beloved hometown of Asheville again. Aubrey and I headed home a week or so before Will since he had a trial in Germany right before our original planned departure. 
So while waiting for Papa to arrive, we took advantage of a free weekend to head to the lake with my family.
I was excited because it had been too cold to swim or boat really the last time we went to the lake, but this time Aubrey would get to experience plenty of both. 
She pretty much hated her life jacket. Poor girl is just tiny for her age, and a bit short. I don’t blame her for not liking having a big piece of foam jutted up against her chin.
Pops gave her a few boat driving lessons.
And once we shed the life jacket life was good. Our little water bug splished splashed until Mom was soaking wet 🙂
The weather was perfect, and we even managed to earn a little bit of a tan, which was a great welcome back to the states! 

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