Aubrey Turns One

I’ll be honest, I didn’t write this post until this morning. I wasn’t totally sure what to say exactly. When your first born, well and probably every child of yours, reaches that magical first birthday it’s a really emotionally charged time. I’m not normally too sappy over Aubrey. I don’t wish for time to stop, or mourn for the days when she was a teeny tiny newborn. Instead, each new day I just look forward to watching her continue learning and discovering in her little world. Of course there are times, usually when she refuses to sit still for even a minute, I miss snuggling her sleeping little self into my chest, but overall I love each day of her life so far, equally.

We happen to be in Germany right now, just a couple of minutes from the place where Aubrey was born. Every day as we driven and walked around I’ve been filled with memories of our time here last year. Giving birth by no means is pleasurable of course, but the moments leading up to my labor, and the days afterwards will forever remain some of the most magical in my life. Life was so surreal in that time. We had no idea how to be parents, yet at the same time deep down we totally did. The look of awe on Will’s face when he looked down at our baby girl with always be etched into my memories. Breastfeeding for the first few times, changing itty bitty diapers, and venturing around Germany with this little human cocooned in her wrap close to me. It was amazing.

Aubrey is so different from what I expected. Being a mother is much different than I expected. I’m glad for that. I’m glad I didn’t have it all figured out beforehand, and that God sent me this little soul to inspire and challenge me in ways that only she can.

I pray that every year I will be as happy and grateful, and celebrate her as much as I do this year. I pray we will continue to grow and learn together. I pray for God to help Will and I be the best parents we can be for her. I pray she shows the same light and fire and curiosity for life as an adult, as she does right now. I pray that she will live a long and happy life. And most of all, I pray a prayer of gratitude to God for blessing us with this amazing experience, for letting us be parents, for giving us such a precious gift.

Happy Birthday Aubrey Eleanor!!


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