Aubrey 7 Months!

Just more pictures of our sweet baby girl 🙂
It’s hard to believe 7 months have passed since she came into our little world. 
These days she is rolling back to front and front to back like it’s nobody’s business.

She loves testing out her vocal chords in all manners of screeches and baby babble. 

While we were home she mastered the art of sitting up, and now laying down simply won’t do for playtime. 

She loves music and dancing, especially when Dad is teaching us to boogie. 

She finally started solids and is a huge fan of oatmeal with apple and yogurt. 

Outside of a short stint of sleepless nights while back in the states, she sleeps through the night and takes awesome naps (Mom is SO thankful!). 

She is still on the smaller side, but is finally able to wear some of the awesome 6 month size clothes that are overflowing out of her closet. 

She wants to stay on the move at all times, her little curiosity just won’t let her stay stationary long. She has to be one of the most inquisitive babies I’ve ever met. 

She keeps us on our toes, and fills our hearts with such warmth every time she beams at us with that toothless grin. 

Happy 7 months little angel! We love you so!

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