Aubrey 6 Months (almost)

I’ve meant to take pictures every month as Aubrey grows, but like anything else in life, time gets away from you before you realize it. 
So, even though she was still a little over a week shy of being officially 6 months, I jumped at the chance to snap some pictures of my sweet girl.

She was not in the mood to model that day, but thankfully I was able to get a few smiles here and there. 

I know many veteran moms remember the early newborn days and tiny babies so fondly, and as much as I cherished those times, I feel like I have been looking forward to getting to this age almost since she was born. 

I love seeing her little personality come to life. I love watching her finally start learning how to use her hands and fingers to explore her teeny world. 

I love how each day brings a new achievement for her, and watching her fuss and fight and then smile so big when she finally accomplishes a new milestone. 

We’ve started getting into some solids these days. Mostly just playing with various foods and seeing how they taste, versus actually eating very much. So far sweet potatoes and carrots seem to be her favorites.

She has started to notice the dogs more, and frequently reaches up to touch and explore my face. It melts my heart every time. 

She loves music and when people sing to her. And also dancing. Nothing makes her laugh and smile faster than Dad holding her up high and dancing a jig. I hope she takes up some kind of musical instrument one day.

She still loves to sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed the most, but really does a great job napping and sleeping through the night in her crib which makes life much easier for us. 

She is such a ham, and is slowly becoming my greatest pal. We’ve spent so much time together lately, just her and I. While I’m convinced she is pretty tired of seeing my face all day every day, I know I never get tired of spending my days admiring hers. Happy (almost) 6 months my sweet Aubrey Eleanor! I would wish for time to stop so I could hold you in my arms forever, but I can’t help but love watching to you grow and looking forward to seeing the amazing person you will become. We love you so much! 

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