ASU Homecoming – Part 2

Bring on the pictures!! 
We woke up not quite at the crack of dawn Saturday, peeled ourselves from our warm cozy beds and got packed for tailgating.
I didn’t take pictures like an idiot but on the menu was veggie chili with cornbread muffins, marinated slaw, chipotle potato salad, orzo caprese salad and spinach salad and hot dogs and hamburgers. We ate like kings!
Bellies full the activities began. From there is gets a little blurry 🙂 so I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

We had a “short” walk to our cars and designated drivers when we were kicked out of the parking lot.

But we made it home and commenced with stuffing our faces with spaghetti and getting back to the important things in life like playing some card game I still don’t understand 😛

And shaking our tail feathers…
Sunday lunch at Our Daily Bread wrapped up the weekend but not without finalizing plans for “The Gentlemen’s Weekend” we’ve got coming up this weekend at Cliz’s farm. I’m so excited I’m shaking with anticipation! Especially because it involves Husband and I heading up a couple of days early and spending some QT with the Moore’s. 
Now if I can just get through this workweek!

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