ASU Homecoming 2011 – Part 1

We had a rip roaring good time and just like every weekend spent with these people I was sad sad to leave on Sunday. There just isn’t enough time in the day to feel like I’ve sufficiently made the most of it when it comes to being with our friends. I never take the companionship, love and amazing ability we have to somehow have awesome, drama free weekends together every time for granted. This is a special group for sure.
Husband and I started the weekend by taking the afternoon to explore Blowing Rock, grabbing a cup of coffee to warm our freezing hands and then decided that we needed to visit THE Blow Rock.

Windy! And COLD!

Being honest it was a waste of $12 considering the free and much better views we have access to on the parkway. But, at least we can say we did it!
Later that night when everyone arrived at the cabins we headed to Canyons for dinner and live music.

A bonfire, card games and a few brews later we laid our sleepy heads down so we could actually get up and tailgate the next morning.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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