Around The World: Exploring Ireland – Kenmare, Killarney & The Ring of Kerry

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Our Airbnb in Kenmare couldn’t have been more picturesque. We were ready for a few days in the same place and the chance to unwind a little, and this house was perfect.


We used it as a home base for driving the Ring of Kerry and checking out Killarney and Kenmare. The glass room alone was worth it for morning coffee and evening glasses of wine.


We didn’t come close to seeing all the sites on the ring. We spent the entire day driving and stopping for pictures, grabbing lunch along the way, and when we finished we realized there was probably at least another day’s worth of things we missed. Alas, thus is the life of a person with wanderlust. We may never see all our hearts desire.

IMG_7902 IMG_7905 IMG_7907-2 IMG_7908

There was a bad fire on the side of the mountain as we were driving, and it put a thick fog of smoke over the landscape.


We took pictures anyway.

At one of our stops we came across lambs and my heart nearly exploded. I had been wanting to cuddle a lamb since we arrived in Ireland and saw them on every hill.


Pure bliss!


We got to pet baby foxes too 🙂


Aubrey loved the lambs, until this one started chewing on the zipper of her coat.

IMG_7940 IMG_7943 IMG_7949-2 IMG_7957 IMG_7958-2 IMG_7961 IMG_7962

Leaving the ring we stopped in Killarney for a while for some drinks and to check out the little downtown, then went on to Kenmare for dinner. The next day we made the very long 4+ hour drive back to Dublin, had takeout for dinner and tried to rest up for our flights. The aunts were graciously taking Aubrey girl back to the states for me so I could return to Germany with Will for a few days then on to a 2ish week trip to Prague, Barcelona and Nice. Pictures to come!

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