Around The World: Exploring Ireland – The Blarney Castle

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Our Teeny Traveler was pretty tired of all the driving. We looked back and one point and her boredom had led her to playing with Papa’s hat. The next time we looked back we found her like this. 


Passed out cold right as we arrived at the castle. 

I had been told and read in reviews that many would suggest skipping Blarney Castle. Obviously we didn’t get to all there was to see in Ireland, but after spending a day there I feel they are mistaken. Maybe it’s because kissing the Blarney Stone has been on my life’s bucket list since I was a little girl (no idea why), or maybe it was just nice to be outside for the day in the impeccable weather enjoying what we referred to as the Biltmore Estate of Ireland, but we were all very happy we made the trip. 

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In addition to walking the grounds, exploring witches kitchen’s, old caves, oohing and ahhing at waterfalls, you can also try your hand, or feet rather, at the wishing steps. As the tale goes, if you can walk down the steps and then back up with your eyes closed and your mind focused solely on your wish, it will come true. The sign suggested walking down the steps backward, which I will admit did seem to make it a bit easier. 

IMG_7792 IMG_7803 IMG_7816

We played at the park…

IMG_7823 IMG_7824

and hunted for leprechauns…

IMG_7839 IMG_7841 IMG_7845

and then it was time to make that check mark on my bucket list.

If you aren’t familiar with the Blarney Stone and the ritual of kissing it, doing so is supposed to bestow the gift of gab on the kisser. To kiss the stone you must climb to the tippy top of the castle, lay on your back, grab hold of the iron rails, and trust the helper to help keep you from falling to your demise as your reach way over and kiss the bottom stone. 

IMG_7865 IMG_7867

And check! 

Another interesting factoid, the stone was supposedly half of a larger stone, the other half being the Stone of Destiny, or coronation stone placed under kings and queens to-be, which we happened to see just last summer at Edinburgh Castle! 

Afterwards we walked through the Poison Garden (complete with a HUGE marijuana plant), and made our way back to the entrance to call it a day. 

IMG_7875 IMG_7878 IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7888 IMG_7891 IMG_7893

We had a 1.5 hour drive to Kenmare to get to our next destination ahead of us. 

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