Around Adana: Orange Blossom Festival

Surprise, I’m actually posting about Turkey for once! Sadly our time here has not been spent the way I thought it would be. I’ll try not to whine again about how much Will is gone, but the reality is we just aren’t getting to live up this assignment like we wanted. 
However, here and there we do manage to get out and about. This little excursion into downtown Adana ended up being a bit disappointing, but we were happy to get off base and explore a little bit of the area. 
The event was the Orange Blossom Festival. According to the description online, there would be arts and crafts vendors, food booths, and live music. All of which sounded like a great way to spend a free Saturday. 

What we found instead was about 20 booths serving the exact same dish (kebap of course), a little live music with frequent breaks (all American music), and we somehow missed the location of the craft vendors. 
Because we stuck out like a sore thumb we ended up getting hassled almost the whole time by locals trying to sell us something. So we ended up just eating our kebap and leaving the festival to walk around the park and seek out a Turkish tea somewhere. 

So it was kind of a fail, but at least we got out. If nothing else, we got to see Mosque park in it’s Spring beauty and ended up scouting out the Sheraton where we returned for brunch the next morning. 

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