Around Adana: Kapikaya Canyon

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It hasn’t been often, since we’ve moved to Turkey, that we’ve gotten to throw on our hiking gear and hit a dusty trail. 
So when we found a free Saturday at home, we jumped at the chance to check out Kapikaya Canyon.
A short hour drive away, we braved the blazing heat with Aubrey in her Osprey carrier and the dogs in tow.
We were surprised at how many people were on the trail. With the heat we kind of expected to find ourselves alone. Or maybe we were just hoping for that scenario since we were finally getting the dogs out for a hike.
The Turks are not big fans of dogs. It’s not their fault really. There are packs upon packs of feral dogs in Turkey, and this is a no kill country, so most locals are used to having to fight wild dogs off on a daily basis.
It doesn’t help that Jim is a big black dog, that most Turks find pretty scary. 
Luckily most of the locals stopped just a few minutes down the trail to swim and enjoy some Turkish tea. We kept going a little ways farther and found our own little paradise. 
And it was about time, because Aubrey was about to overheat. Check out those rosy cheeks!
We immediately took a swim call to cool down.
Our little water bug was in heaven.
And try as we may, we could not keep her from trying to drink the water. Fortunately no one got sick from it.
Big brother Jim kept a constant watch.
And then we had a snack. Aubrey chose some rocks for her food de jour. 
First sand, now rocks, I think we have some work to do to refine our little one’s palate 🙂 
First full family photo!
I had to include this one just because I love how Jeannie is looking up at Jim.
Jim was SO happy to be outside, swimming and running again. These poor dogs have done a 180 in their activities from South Dakota to Turkey. They went from almost weekly long hikes, and daily runs in the field behind our house, to trying to make the most of our small fenced in back yard and a short walk now and then when the heat isn’t too bad. Turkey just really isn’t the best place for dogs.
One odd thing about Turkey (well one of many haha!) is that you will find crabs just about anywhere here. People often find them around housing on the base! As we were making our way back down the trail we came across a few carcasses. So weird!
Peekaboo Aubrey! 
It was a wonderful day, breathtaking scenery, and an awesome break from the heat in our own little Eden.

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