Another Girl’s Bedroom Redo

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One would think that after 8 extensive weeks of totally transforming one of my daughter’s bedrooms that I would take a little break from working on girl’s bedrooms, but alas, little sister was wondering when she was going to get a princess bed so here I am…starting bedroom #2!

Eva was so sweet during Aubrey’s room transformation, genuinely excited for her big sister. So while this transformation won’t be quite as intense, it’s going to be sweet and beautiful, and still a room fit for our second princess.

The inspiration for this room came from the photo in the mood board below. I love the soft hint of purple, the fun millwork that is very similar to what I did in our office, and a healthy mix of vintage styling and pieces to give it some character.

The first step in this room was the millwork. I loved the big boxes in the inspo picture and the idea of much smaller boxes on the interior of the design. So after some quick measurements I came up with this design in Mac Pages, bought my materials, and got to work!One of the best things I’ve discovered is this very affordable PVC Composite Screen Moulding trim from Home Depot. It’s only $2.58 per each eight foot piece, meaning I could do this whole wall for about $30. If you’ve ever done any kind of millwork you know even the seemingly cheap trim options add up quickly. Our office wall was completed using one of the cheapest wood trims available, only about $0.50 per linear foot, but the wall ended up costing me a little over $100 by the end. This is much more affordable, easier to work with, and makes adding interesting wall treatments to your home totally doable!

To make your work even easier and quicker, I highly recommend purchasing a pair of these miter shears. They are basically a scissor-like tool that allows you to make quick angled cuts on site, saving you from having to run to your miter saw every couple of minutes.  

I was able to complete the wall in just a few hours, attaching the trim using my Ryobi Nail Gun.

A bit of caulk at the seams and to fill the holes and I was done and ready for paint! 

It is incredible the transformation even the unpainted moulding makes to the room.  We are getting an iron bed from my in laws that I will need to sand and paint, I’ve thrifted a mirror already seen in the pictures above, and now I’m on the hunt for a new dresser.

Next steps are adding a picture ledge along the left wall, and picking a paint color. Next post I’ll be talking about choosing the perfect “Greige.”

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