A Spearfish Staycation Part 2

Getting into town we had pretty much made up our minds to stay the night. I made a call to the motor lodge and then we headed to Common Grounds for an afternoon coffee pick-me-up.
They have Dark Canyon coffee there which is roasted right here in South Dakota.

The place was packed! (Picture above not taken at time of said packed house) There are never that many people in Spearfish, we decided they must all stay in the coffee shop!
We found a seat by the window and sat for a spell.

Then were pleasantly surprised to see a group setting up their instruments for what ended up being an impromptu bluegrass jam.

Man were our Southern hearts happy to hear those tunes! We had only planned to hang out for a few minutes, but we ended up staying for an hour or more to enjoy the music.

Even the kiddies joined in for a rendition of Old McDonald.

Leaving Main Street we went to the farmer’s market. Black Hills Milk is a Belle Fourche (local) dairy farm that runs a small store front that shares a parking lot with Crow Peak. We like to stop in the sample the cheese, buy their fresh raw milk, and this time we stocked up on some grass fed butter. They also carry a variety of local meats, handmade foods, eggs, cheese, you name it!

We bought our goods and then asked the sales lady if she would kindly hold them in their fridge while we grabbed a few beers next door.
Tasting a new brew from Crow Peak

To say we were thrilled to be able to sit on the deck would be a major understatement. It felt like we were coming out of hibernation. 

Crow Peak in the background.

It gradually grew cold on us but we just bundled up and sat it out until we just couldn’t stand it. 
Then it was time to move on. 
We checked into the motor lodge and I snapped a few photos for those with curious minds.

Like I said, it’s pretty basic, but it’s clean and has everything you need for a quick night. AND it’s $38 a night…AND they offer a $5 military discount!

Walking into town we stopped first at Dolce Vita Wine Bar. We had read they had an open mic night and thought we would catch some live music and red wine. Turns out they are closing at the end of the month and we were the only ones in there. So there was no music to be heard, but we did get to take advantage of their clearing out sale. $4 glasses of wine filled to the top was a pretty sweet deal 🙂
We then made our way to the Bay Leaf restaurant. It is rated as the number one restaurant in Spearfish and we had been trying to get there for a while. I don’t know if we just didn’t order the right things or what, but the entire meal was pretty bleh and we left hungry. 
So we tried to fill up on beer and music at Flanagan’s
The music and the company was awesome. Not to mention the beers. But hours later when we finally peeled ourselves from our corner seats, we were still hungry. It was then we met our demise. Turning the corner we were met with the glowing sign that beckoned us…to Dominos. And after a short convo with a local college student, we were in for a $5 student rate pizza.
I’m not proud to report that we may or may not have ended the night walking down main street stuffing our faces with pizza. At the time it was delicious.
The next morning…not so much.
And that ended our little staycation. 

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