A Spearfish Staycation Part 1

If you listened to last my radio segment a couple of weeks ago, you know we planned a little Spearfish staycation.
Leading up to the weekend I had all but decided to ditch the idea. We were tired, there were a few things going on in town, and it just seemed like a lot of work to get up and go. Oh, and the weather man was calling for rain all day Saturday which didn’t exactly jive with our plans to go on a long hike.

But when we woke up that morning the sun was shining, and after debating on going or staying for a few minutes, we finally decided to just go and not commit to staying the night. We were going to play it by ear as you would say.

It turned out the be the perfect day for a hike. There was still a lot of snow, and man was it DEEP in the little crevice we ended up hiking which Husband tried to convince me was an actual trail. 

Because our “trail” was a bit questionable, we ended up only going a little ways in. Poor Jean might as well have ran a marathon as much high jumping as she was having to do just to move forward in the knee deep snow.

We found a cave, and Jim was convinced there was something in it. He kept whining and lunging at the crack leading in.

We got a solid workout ourselves managing through the snow. It’s not much fun digging your foot out every step, or stepping and thinking its not that deep only to almost fall into a big drift. 

We went up, came back down, then went up a different “trail.”

Stopped to take in the view…

Found another cave of sorts.

Complete with a ton of climbing anchors. 

Came back down and played in the stream.

Then left and made our way to the Black Hills Milk Farmer’s Market…and Crow Peak of course!

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