A Secret Picnic

I really have to thank Husband for taking us over the river and through the woods (literally) to get to what became our secret picnic spot.
Last Saturday Cliz, Husband and I loaded up a picnic basket of goodies and drove to the head of a little trail Husband and his Dad had found. We hiked for around a mile and then scaled Bear Grylls style down a massive bank to get to this perfect rock formation and the decided location for our picnic.
Keeping to Husband’s picnicking rules the first thing on my list was champagne…which went straight into the ice cold water to stay chilled as soon as we arrived.
The boys explored while Liz and I set up…
then bubbly was popped and the picnic was on!
Martha’s Harvest Galette (highly recommend!)
Balsamic Roasted Green Beans with Blue Cheese & Chopped Walnuts
Prosciutto Wrapped Roasted Asparagus
Brie & French Bread
The guys had planned to fly fish while Liz and I…well I’m not sure exactly what Liz and I were going to do besides take pretty pictures and sip wine but we were ok with that 🙂
However by the time we reached our spot we were all starving, then with full bellies decided to explore the surrounding area.
We actually climbed into and up through this cave to come out at the top.
Then we chit chatted a while and marveled at the scenery…
skipped rocks…
built a fire…
smoked pipes…
and by that time the day was gone, evening was setting in and it was time to grocery shop for the cookout we were having that night.
This was truly a day to remember. Our secret little picnic with the best of friends 🙂

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