A Home No More


I have about five million and one pictures to post of our Mexican vacation.  It will take me a few days to get around to crafting those posts due to our rigorous moving schedule, but never fear pictures, details and a review of our hotel are coming soon!

What I CAN do in a more timely manner is give you a little insight into what I am feeling right now.  For some reason it didn’t dawn on me until a few days before we left Mexico that when we left our home and got on that flight, we would never again have another normal night or day in our home.  I embrace change in most situations but I do like to be prepared for it.  I really wish I had acknowledged it when we ate our last home cooked meal together at the dinner table (or on the couch with our TV trays as usual).  I also really wish I had acknowledged the dogs’ last day in their home.  Not that they care, but it matters to me that they were whisked away unceremoniously without us giving them a heads up.  When we walked in the house last night it was empty and felt a little foreign.

We hadn’t planned (or at least I hadn’t planned) on starting packing today, but after our last breakfast together at the Jamison house was over and Cliz left, we quickly realized we didn’t have anything left to do but move…on.

We have spent the entire day sweating and grunting our way through the top floor of our house.  Packing away our lives, throwing away things that have lost their meaning to us, and creating a huge yard sale stack of things that we love but will no longer be needed in our new home.  It’s very odd to look at a piece of decor and really love it, but to place it in a stack to be sold because you not only don’t need it for the next six months, but by the time you get to your new and more settled home you may not even be able to hang it on a wall (I read in Japan they have concrete walls which make it very hard to hang stuff on), or heck, after that much time passes you may not like it at all anymore.

Taking that thought I’m telling myself that when it comes to actually decorating our space again I will be able to start fresh.  We are not keeping a vast many things that have made our house homey, but like the fresh slate we are starting on in our lives, our new space will start fresh as well.

I think I can speak for both Husband and I that we feel a little overwhelmed.  I have been taking loads of boxes home all summer but we have just accumulated a lot of STUFF.  Husband wants (and I think truly believes) that we can be out of here by Wednesday, I however am just keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend.  My goal is to get packed and moved to Asheville and settled enough so we can take a few days to relax before I start my new job.

Wishful thinking I know.

Stay tuned for the moving activities and our Mexican recap!

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