A Hike Up M Hill

Husband and I saw two awesome sites as we drove toward the interstate last week. The first was this, a couple riding their horses down the fence line. I didn’t get my camera out and going in time to capture the big picture. Past them in the background is a big expanse of rolling prairie land and farm fences. It was like the quintessential South Dakota picture. I snapped this one moving as 50 mph and reaching across Husband to take it through the window. 
The second amazing site was four beautiful mule deers going for a morning run through the pasture. They were bounding through the grass in perfect unison, almost keeping up with the car. But alas I missed the shot. 
So anyway, when I captured the shot above, we were on our way into town for a hike. One of the nice things about Rapid City is, not only are you within a thirty minute to an hour’s drive from some of the most beautiful hikes in the country, should you just want to drive a few minutes down the road, you can still find a small hill to hike, and a little escape from the hustle and bustle. 
M Hill can be seen from most places in the city.
It’s characterized by large cement letters and offers over 12 miles of trails for hiking and biking. 
Rapid Creek runs right along the base which makes for an easy fishing spot that you can get to even if you just have a few hours midweek to toss a line in the water.

The park and trails were pretty dismal this time of year. Everything is a lovely shade of brown or gray. But in some cases, when placed in contrast to the iced over streams, it makes for a pretty picture.

The dogs were very unsure of walking on ice, and were lapping at the edges trying to get water.

Although it’s a relatively short hike, you can choose to take some of the more challenging trails, and find some lovely steep inclines.

A view from the top!

Downtown Rapid City

Me trying to catch my reflection in Husband’s glasses. Husband scowling.

Gratuitous selfie and lots of crow’s feet.

And of course a short swim for Jimmy.

I think overall we did just short of two miles. All I know is between the 60 degree weather we were having (yay for warm weather in March!!!) and the surprise inclines, I broke a sweat.
We made up for the lost calories by grubbing at our new favorite Nepalese restaurant (Everest Cuisine) and hitting up the asian market, where we had to stop ourselves from buying the entire store.

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