A Detoxing Hike

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As you may have guessed, after touring breweries all day Saturday then cocktailing into the night, come Sunday morning we were in need of a long detoxing hike. Husband did a little trip advisor research and drove us to Horsetooth Rock Trail.

There were a number of paths to take, but we stuck with the most direct route to horsetooth rock.

It was about 2.5 miles up.

Trekking through a combination of dirt, ice, snow, and eventually muddy slush.

I crossfit up to five days a week, but either the booze or the altitude took a serious toll on my fitness.

Minutes into the hike I was huffing and puffing.
A mile or so in I starting taking a few breaks “breathers.”

Husband wore a constant scowl at my slow pace. 

But we made it to the top.

Little miss received a number of compliments and praises for her hiking skills. Apparently Coloradians don’t think little dogs can hike. 


We determined that should Jim ever find himself stranded in the wilderness, he would survive. He was licking water out of crevices, and eating snow when he was thirsty. 

Not really sure if that was survival or just a characteristic of our “special” boy.

And finally we headed back down the mountain.

Refreshed and sporting the sweat of the five mile hike, we drove straight to a Mexican restaurant for lunch…and of course a cervesa.

That afternoon we set out to make the most of our last night in Fort Collins.

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