A Day On The Farm

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A few weeks ago we drove out to Cherokee for the not so joyous occasion of a funeral, but tagged on an alternatively wonderful stop at our friend Laurel’s farm so we could introduce Aubrey girl to some chickens and goats. Because every little girl needs to experience those things when they are young enough that the wonderment of these strange creatures is not lost. 


Her expressions were everything I hoped they would be, and I’ll admit, Mama may have been just as excited. I love me some goats and chickens! 





The goats were named Henry, Peppa (yes as in Peppa Pig), and Kevin.

Kevin. That cracks me up every time I think about it. 


Henry turned out to be the happiest goat on the planet. Look at that smile!


Aubrey did her best to chase them around, begging for just one little petting sesh, but they weren’t having it. 


As it turns out these were fainting goats, and we had the hilarious, and maybe a little sad experience, of getting to see one of them keel over at the site of a frog umbrella opening up in its face. Fainting goats are pretty funny. 




The chickens gifted us with a dozen eggs to take home, and the goats gave us a nice this photo op by posing nicely and looking at the camera all at the same time. 


We then ventured on to the swing set and small park on the property, which may or may not have resulted in a certain little girl pitching a monumental fit when I had to drag her away from the slide. 



It was a beautiful, cold day, with lots of fun had and a great few moments to catch up with old friends. Thank you Laurel for having us! 

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