A Day Hike In Boulder

Oh to relive a day weekend!
After the Snowmaggedon I was itching for a break from South Dakota. The last time we visited Boulder we fell in love, but we only got to stay one measly night. Husband had a long weekend so we packed up the car and hit the road.

It was one of those times where you fall in love again. In love with your husband. In love with yourself. In love with life.

The weather was impeccable. 

The leaves were to die for.

My heart was so, so happy. 

This was an easy little hike. Probably not more than three miles round trip, but it was enough to stretch our legs and breath in some beautiful fall weather. 

Jim even got in a swim. From snow buffets to mid-October swimming, he is one spoiled pup!

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before. And it may be evidenced by his latest accessory. Husband is a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. 

And true to nature, he pulled a quick stunt leaping over the water and scaling a rock to get back to the bank.

It’s like a living dream for him 🙂 except he forgot his whip.

Surprisingly there aren’t many squirrels in South Dakota. I don’t believe there are many nut-bearing trees around here. Squirrels are Jim’s arch nemesis, so when he spotted this little fella he went…nuts (<– see what I did there?).

The first night our meal had just been so-so, and not to waste time of less than amazing food, hubs immediately made reservations at our favorite Boulder restaurant, Brasserie Ten Ten. So after our hike we went back to the hotel for a short respite, then enjoyed the splendor of Boulder.

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