A Backyard Midsommar Party

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Has your summer been full? If there is one thing I’ve been trying to embrace this summer, it’s accepting both the busyness, and the break all at once. We have been going nonstop since school let out. While my normal work has slacked a bit, I’ve been called to all the things summer is. Hot summer days, endless hours at the pool, naps often, a noted differentiation from the rest of the year and all of its commitments and responsibilities. 

One commitment we’ve kept though, is trying to make our girl’s childhood as magical as it can be. I’ve never thought so hard about the saying, “they are only little once.” It’s so true, and time is such a bittersweet blessing. As they grow older I hope their Papa and I continue to be capable of showing them and teaching them things that blow their little minds. I hope that while we take our parent roles to heart, we don’t lose our sense of fun and wonder. I hope they look back at their childhood and remember that we participated. That we helped them to find the magic, or created it if we needed to. 

I hope they remember nights like last night, and the one the year before, where we put a new tradition in place of celebrating the Swedish Midsommar. With pretty decorations pulled straight from our yard. The most delicious cake baked from scratch by their Papa. All the lemonade they could stand, poured from a fancy decanter. Holding hands and dancing like silly gooses around the maypole. And staying up late, eating yet another dessert in the form of s’mores as the fireflies set in and the crackle of the fire became the soundtrack to end the night. 

It WAS magical. Even for us. And a reminder that sometimes bedtimes are made to be busted, there is no such thing as too much sugar, and even though it’s the night before a work day, a party is always a good idea. 

What’s on your summer bucket list this year?

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