70th Anniversary Party

The Ellsworth Air Force Base celebrated its 70th Anniversary last week, and after a week’s worth of events, the entire base celebrated with a formal dinner.
Sporting the mess dress.

The JAG office

The guest of honor, General Norton A. Schwartz Chief of Staff of the USAF (otherwise known as the highest ranking person in the air force).

And another blurry pic of husband and I, one day we will get a clear one!

At Husband’s dining out during training I was about one of only two or three women that wore a long gown. I had borrowed it from a friend for the event. This time, not owning a long gown, only getting back into town the day before, and not wanting to invest in a long gown I would never wear, I went with a short cocktail dress that I wore for our wedding rehearsal. This night I was one of only three women wearing a short gown. You win some you lose some :-/

It was interesting to learn the important history and service of Ellsworth AFB. I think we were both surprised at how essential its function has been to the AF. We are still newbies, but we are proud to be a part of such a great base and mission, and it was wonderful to see so many turn out to celebrate its success.

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